Prozac Buy Online

Prozac (fluoxetine) is normally recommended for individuals with such psychiatric disorders as obsessive-compulsive disorder and depression, and also particular eating disorders. Prior to taking this medicine you should chat to your health and wellness care service provider. You must remember that individuals with a family or personal record of bipolar disorder or suicidal ideas are at a higher threat of creating substantial psychiatric negative side effects of Prozac. Prozac has been mentioned to induce drowsiness in individuals taking it, so if you really feel drowsy after taking this medicine prevent running machinery or driving a vehicle to stay away from collisions. Prozac light side results include uneasiness, nausea, weakness, modifications in libido, loss of hunger, sweating, dry mouth, wound throat, weight-loss, sleepiness, unmanageable shaking. Do not state them as soon as possible as they will most likely disappear quite quickly. Some of the serious side impacts you might experience which you are expected to inform your medical supplier regarding include seizures, fever, rash, uneven heartbeat, hives, complication, hallucinations, trouble swallowing, swelling, difficulty breathing, temperature, and joint discomfort.